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شقة للبيع 171 متر في مشروع ذا ادريس ايست القاهرة الجديدة

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رقم الإعلان: SE 25839
2,479,500 جنيه مصرى
Sherif Saad

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Sedra Homes
Hotline: 19312
+2 01222181237
شقق / للبيع
نوع الوحدة:
2,479,500 جنيه مصرى بالتقسيط
السعر/ للمتر المربع:
14,500 جنيه مصرى للمتر المربع
حالة التشطيب:
سوبر لوكس
171 مترمربع
رقم الطابق:
عدد الغرف:
عدد دورات المياه:
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تطل على:
جنيه مصرى 2,479,500
جنيه مصرى 123,975
عدد الأقساط:
قيمة القسط:
جنيه مصرى 84,126 / ربع سنوى
رسوم الصيانة:
119,700 جنيه مصرى وديعة إتحاد الملاك
تاريخ الاستلام:
نوع الملكية:
آخر تحديث:
Tue 3 Apr 2018

Developed over 60 acres, Address East developed the real estate market With 1200 fully finished apartments, duplexes, twin houses and separate villas.
Apartments size ranging from 121 m2 up to 180 m2, duplex 210 m2, twin house 315 m2. Address east is the perfect choice for a newly married couple.
Moreover, families that looking for tranquility and luxurious standards, all their expectations will be amazingly and professionally met.
Address east is definitely your new home.
Address east is located within the urban suburbs of East Cairo, only 5 minutes away with direct access from the main Suez road.
Positioned at the heart of Address East, East Club House has been designed by award winning interior designers to offer that extra sense of exclusivity and heightened experience. Open to all tenants of Address East and their visitors, The East Club House will provide the convenience, service and comfort of your home yet set in a leisure and modern ambience.
Over 3,000 m2 at East Strip, the UFC Gym will assume 3 floors of the latest advancements in cardio and muscle defining machinery as well as grappling bars and MMA training for those looking to pursue the high contact sport leisurely or professionally. UFC will be the second branch in Egypt opening up yet it will be the first branch to open in the east of Cairo.
Privately nestled away at the UFC gym, is our East Spa retreat, specially designed to mirror the ambience and imagery of the east of Cairo area that we have envisioned for the future. Managed by a leading spa and health provider, we will ensure that your experience at Address East will be that extra bit more special.


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